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Parts & Service

Commission & Training

Fowlerex offers full commissioning and training procedures for every installation.

Commissioning may be provided in the form of Commissioning Supervision (the Client providing the workforce), or Fowlerex provision of all staff required.

The Commissioning Supervisor works closely with the Client’s engineering and trade staff at all times.

Mechanical and electrical commissioning is broken into two categories:

Cold Commissioning is initiated when all components and circuits are checked to the prior application of any power or process gas. Following equipment inspection, the commissioning is increased to application of power. Integration between mechanical and electrical commissioning schedules are arranged to fit in with our Client’s programme of works. During all phases of the commissioning procedure, the Client’s personnel are involved as to gain hands-on experience as part of initial training.
Hot Commissioning begins when the process loads are gradually applied to the equipment and service commences.
Safety of personnel involved in commissioning is of paramount importance.

Training of Client’s personnel is conducted at various stages throughout the plant commissioning and start-up. Training consists of various forms, embracing practical on-site explanation, together with classroom-type presentations using such means as drawings, descriptions, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc.

Fowlerex offers training in equipment operation and maintenance at any time during the life of the plant.

Engineering & Consultancy

Fowlerex has over 30 years of experience in Australian Air Pollution Control.

Fowlerex’s equipment ranges extends to all four types of industrial gas-cleaning equipment – electrostatic precipitators, fabric filters, wet and dry scrubbers, and cyclonic collectors. As such, Fowlerex can impartially recommend the best type of equipment to suit the particular application considering:

  • The efficiency required
  • The space available
  • The nature of the gas to be treated with respect to temperature, composition and pressure
  • Factoring efficiency of removal in terms of capital outlay and operating costs

We custom design pollution control equipment to your specific requirements.

Fowlerex consultancy and design services cover:

Feasibility Studies and Budgets:

  • Assistance in design and financial costings.

Testing and Surveys:

  • Site inspection and survey of existing equipment.
  • On-site testing of existing process flue gas parameters to ensure accurate selection of pollution control equipment.
  • Process development.

Office Services:

  • Mechanical engineering.
  • Chemical engineering.
  • Project management.
  • vDrafting including 3D modelling. 3D modelling allows you to ‘walk-through’ the installation before it is built.

  • CFD and FEA analysis.
  • Spare Parts

    In addition to inspecting, servicing, retro-fitting or upgrading our own range of equipment, Fowlerex has engaged in similar activities with units supplied by others.

    Parts can be sourced for:

    Electrostatic Precipitators: JOY- Western Precipitation, BHA, Castlet TR Sets, TAPC, Lurgi, Flakt and Lodge Cottrell

    Fabric Filters: Retrofits, Filter Bags, Filter Bag Cages, Pulse Valves, Dust Valves

    Scrubbers: Packings, Mist Pads, Spray Nozzles

    Multicyclones: Collecting Tubes, Vanes, Spirocones, Tricones

    Rotary Valves: Rotor, Seal, Gaskets, Housings

    Maintenance & Retrofit

    Fowlerex offers not only current project care, but after sales care through:

    • supply of spare parts
    • on site maintenance
    • testing of equipment
    • advice on equipment operation and maintenance throughout the life of the plant
    • upgrading of equipment to meet new outlet emission codes
    • provision of Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manuals and procedures

    In addition to maintenance work, Fowlerex offers a full retrofit service for existing equipment, whether of its own or other manufacturer’s supply, to suit changing conditions, for example:

    • retrofit of fabric filter internals to an ESP
    • retrofit of mast discharge electrodes to an ESP in lieu of the wire/weight type
    • retrofit of electric rappers on an ESP in lieu of pneumatic type
    • modifications to ESP’s such as additional fields, changing height to provide lower emission.

    Installation & Erection

    Fowlerex offers full turn-key support of all the equipment provided for a project.

    In general, due to the large size of most components for a project, manufacturing is undertaken at a works as close as possible to the site to minimize freight costs and transit delays.

    Installation and Erection is scheduled and conducted under the direction of skilled and experienced personnel.

    Inspection & Testing

    Fowlerex’s extensive project experience leads to a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding and analysing the performance of proposed and existing air pollution control equipment.

    Our engineers can offer advice particularly at tender stage, to determine exactly what is required to tailor a solution to your unique application. Such emphasis is invaluable in process development.

    We can measure the actual gas volume and dust load within existing process lines, lending advice on how to maximise the unit efficiency, lower maintenance, and if possible, extend the equipment life span.

    Site inspections and surveys of existing process flue gas parameters will ensure accurate equipment selection.