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Fume Extraction System Australia

Fumes can take many different forms and are a problem in many workplaces. Many fumes are hazardous and need to be removed from the workplace quickly. At Fowlerex, we are experts in industrial fume extraction system design and supply. We can design a suitable fume extraction solution to meet your workplace needs.

We are passionate about delivering reliable and efficient services to each of our clients, and are proud to be recognised as a leading name in fume extraction across Australia.

No matter what your business’ fume extraction needs may be, the Fowlerex team will help you find the right product at a competitive price.

Some of the fumes we are regularly dealing with include vehicle fume, welding fume, styrene fume, solvent fume and formaldehyde fume. Every workplace is different, and every fume requires different techniques. Fowlerex can provide a bespoke fume extraction system to ensure good workplace air quality.

Our bespoke fume extraction systems use standard components where possible. These standard components include fume extraction arms, fume extraction reels, extraction fans, modular ductwork and the like. By this means, we provide a cost-effective fume extraction system for you.

If you need to improve your workplace environment, contact Fowlerex for a durable and proven fume extraction system. We provide quality services and solutions in fume extraction throughout Australia, from a main office in Sydney.

Extraction System Design

Fowlerex is the name that clients across Australia look to when they want extraction systems designed to meet the demands of their business.

Since 2002 we have been delivering fume extraction systems to Australian clients from a wide range of industries, helping to keep their businesses free off potentially dangerous materials and chemicals and ensuring they meet the necessary health and safety standards of their industry.

When it comes to tailored extraction system designs, clients want to be confident they are working with a skilled and professional team. That is why they know to call Fowlerex.

To learn more about why we are one of the most trusted suppliers for fume extraction systems across Australia, simply call our team on 02 8850 7611.