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Reverse Pulse Air Dust Collector Australia

At Fowlerex, we are experts in the design and supply of reverse pulse dust collectors. We have designed and built these filters for nearly every known dust collection application.

The tubular bag reverse pulse dust collector is versatile and economical, with low maintenance requirements. This dust collector deserves its position as the industry standard, and it can be used in nearly all dust collector applications.

Cartridge type dust collectors can be used where there are space or budget constraints. While having a lower initial cost, they have much higher maintenance requirements. Pleated element dust collectors fit between the tubular bag type and the cartridge type both in price and in performance. They are suitable for light loads of free-flowing dust.

Reverse pulse dust collectors can be used in high-temperature applications such as boiler emission control. Fowlerex has significant experience and many reference sites of this nature.

Reverse pulse dust collectors can be used for sticky dust or hygroscopic dust, even in high humidity systems. Fowlerex has the design expertise to deal with this type of application.

Reverse Air Dust Collector

We are also experts in the design and supply of reverse air dust collectors.Fowlerex has designed and built reverse air dust collectors for many applications including wood dust and grain dust.

We have a standard range of modern, lightweight reverse air dust collectors, which are particularly suited to fibrous dust applications. We also offer bespoke designs for more specialised reverse air dust collector applications.

When properly specified, a reverse air dust collector may be energy efficient compared to a pulsejet filter. A particular advantage is that no compressed air is required. Furthermore, the filter bag cleaning is often gentler than with a pulsejet filter, allowing filter bags to last longer.

Talk to the team at Fowlerex today and we can help explain the different reverse air and reverse pulse dust collectors available. Call Fowlerex on 02 8850 7611. We service all of Australia from our main office in Sydney.