Fowlerex offers a comprehensive range of industrial dust extraction equipment and systems, including a full range of baghouse dust collectors in all sizes. We provide both reverse pulse and reverse air systems, with both online and offline cleaning, featuring tubular bags, star bags, cartridges, and pleated elements. 

Since 2002, Fowlerex has been a trusted name in baghouse dust collectors, delivering premium products and unbeatable customer service to clients worldwide. 

Our team of experts is particularly skilled in baghouse dust collectors for high-temperature applications. These systems may use metal filter elements or ceramic filter elements, as well as fibreglass filter bags.

As a leader in dust collection, we understand the importance of providing a comprehensive, one-on-one service to ensure each client receives the perfect product for their business, no matter what industry they belong to.  

Baghouse Filter Dust Collectors

Our tubular bag reverse pulse baghouse dust collector is one of the best types of dust collectors available, setting the industry standard for nearly every application. Rugged, reliable, and low maintenance, this system provides clients with a highly reliable, versatile, and flexible collection solution tailored to their needs. 

If you're looking for a team of experienced and professional experts who can provide durable and reliable dust collectors worldwide, look no further than Fowlerex. To discuss your requirements, please contact us

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