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Welcome to Fowlerex, a premier company specializing in industrial air pollution control. Formerly known as ‘Fowler and Rex’, our company has undergone several changes in ownership and name over the years. However, the quality of our products and systems has always remained top-notch, earning us the trust of clients from diverse industries.

In 2002, the business was purchased by the current owners and has been operating under the name Fowlerex ever since. We have continued to build on our reputation by supplying quality industrial air pollution control solutions to businesses worldwide.

Today, we are a leading name in the provision of industrial air pollution control systems. We create bespoke systems to meet specific client requirements, powered by our extensive history and ever-growing product range.

The Fowlerex team are experts in industrial air pollution control systems. What sets Fowlerex apart is our commitment to providing the best system solution, not just selling you a product. Contact us today to find out more about our industrial air pollution control systems and how we can help your business.

Safety & Quality

Fowlerex is dedicated to safety, quality and environmental best practice. Fowlerex has accreditation for each system noted below:

Environmental Management
ISO 14001
Quality Management
ISO 9001
OHS Management
ISO 45001
Our Group

Fowlerex Technologies Pty Ltd is part of the Vortex Engineering group of companies. The Vortex Engineering group specialises in environmental engineering, with specialist expertise in air pollution control, pneumatic materials handling, waters infrastructure, hazardous materials containment, and retro-fitting of buildings with structural steel. Employing teams of design and project engineers, the Group excels in designing, fabricating & installing bespoke solutions that address our customers specific needs.

Our Mission

We marry engineering excellence with our specialist experience and expertise to design & build air pollution control systems that help businesses maintain clean air whilst they produce the things people want.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a champion for a clean living environment, a world where people can live, work and play in clean air wherever they are. We will set the industry standard in the Asia Pacific region for the design and build of efficient, economic, and enduring pollution control systems that meet each customer and community’s specific needs.