Fowlerex offers full commissioning and training procedures for every installation.

Commissioning may be provided in the form of Commissioning Supervision (the Client providing the workforce), or Fowlerex provision of all staff required.

The Commissioning Supervisor works closely with the Client’s engineering and trade staff at all times.

Mechanical and electrical commissioning is broken into two categories:

Cold Commissioning is initiated when all components and circuits are checked to the prior application of any power or process gas. Following equipment inspection, the commissioning is increased to application of power. Integration between mechanical and electrical commissioning schedules are arranged to fit in with our Client’s programme of works. During all phases of the commissioning procedure, the Client’s personnel are involved as to gain hands-on experience as part of initial training.
Hot Commissioning begins when the process loads are gradually applied to the equipment and service commences.
Safety of personnel involved in commissioning is of paramount importance.

Training of Client’s personnel is conducted at various stages throughout the plant commissioning and start-up. Training consists of various forms, embracing practical on-site explanation, together with classroom-type presentations using such means as drawings, descriptions, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc.

Fowlerex offers training in equipment operation and maintenance at any time during the life of the plant.

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