Fowlerex has over 30 years of experience in Australian Air Pollution Control.

Fowlerex’s equipment ranges extends to all four types of industrial gas-cleaning equipment – electrostatic precipitators, fabric filters, wet and dry scrubbers, and cyclonic collectors. As such, Fowlerex can impartially recommend the best type of equipment to suit the particular application considering:

  • The efficiency required
  • The space available
  • The nature of the gas to be treated with respect to temperature, composition and pressure
  • Factoring efficiency of removal in terms of capital outlay and operating costs

We custom design pollution control equipment to your specific requirements.

Fowlerex consultancy and design services cover:

Feasibility Studies and Budgets:

  • Assistance in design and financial costings.

Testing and Surveys:

  • Site inspection and survey of existing equipment.
  • On-site testing of existing process flue gas parameters to ensure accurate selection of pollution control equipment.
  • Process development.

Office Services:

  • Mechanical engineering.
  • Chemical engineering.
  • Project management.

Drafting including 3D modelling. 3D modelling allows you to ‘walk-through’ the installation before it is built.

  • CFD and FEA analysis.
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