Industrial Fans - Fowlerex
Industrial Fans - Fowlerex

The team at Fowlerex are experts in the field of industrial air pollution control, industrial dust collection, industrial ventilation, and pneumatic conveying. A key element in all these systems is an industrial blower or industrial fan. We have developed a range of industrial blowers and fans that suit all types of industries and applications. Our expertise allows us to select the best industrial blower or fan for your needs. 

When they purchase one of our industrial fans, our clients can be sure they are investing in a product that will provide long-term value for money and years of reliable and consistent service. If you only require an industrial blower or fan, our engineers can provide the expertise to assist your selection. 

Industrial Fans

At Fowlerex, we work tirelessly to provide leading customer service and professionally manufactured and durable products to each of our clients, and are proud to be a trusted and sought-after name in industrial blowers. Our range of industrial fans cover a huge variety of uses. They include material handling, air handling, flue gas, and other non-air gases. They also include high temperature, standard temperature, and low (sub-zero) temperature industrial fans. We can construct blowers from carbon steel or specialist steels. A large number of stainless steel industrial fans are produced for food manufacturers and for the handling of corrosive gases. 

Please contact us at +61 2 8850 7611 to learn more about our industrial blowers and fans. 

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