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Industrial Ventilation Fans Australia

At Fowlerex, we are experts in the field of industrial air pollution control, industrial dust collection, industrial ventilation and pneumatic conveying. A key element of all these systems is an industrial fan. Fowlerex has developed a range of industrial fans for Australian clients, with products that suit all types of industries and applications. Our expertise allows us to select the best industrial fan for the application.

The selection of an industrial fan requires knowledge of the application and determination of airflow and pressure needs. Our experienced engineers can determine the best type of industrial fan for your needs and can calculate airflow and pressure requirements. We do this all the time for our own system design. If it is just the industrial fan that you require, then our engineers can provide the expertise to assist your selection.

When clients invest in our industrial ventilation services and solutions, they can enjoy the confidence of receiving a premium product that will meet the ventilation and material extraction needs of their business.

Our industrial fans cover a huge range of uses. They include material handling, air handling, flue gas and other non-air gases. They include high temperature, standard temperature and low (sub-zero) temperature industrial fans. We can construct from carbon steel or specialist steels. In fact, a large number of stainless-steel industrial fans are produced for food manufacturing and handling.

Contact the Fowlerex team today and see why we are a go-to name when it comes to reliable and cost-effective industrial fans across Australia.

Industrial Ventilation

Fowlerex is the expert in designing and supplying ventilation for industrial and commercial buildings. Some examples of applications include ventilation of manufacturing factories or facilities, sheds (industrial and agricultural), storage facilities, swimming pool and sports facilities, halls and restaurants. If you’re looking for industrial ventilation, you should talk to Fowlerex.

Proper industrial ventilation can help your business to create a safe working environment. It can remove fume and dust from the workplace and provide a supply of fresh air.

Industrial ventilation can also be used to remove heat and moisture from the workplace. This may help prevent premature corrosion and building failures. It can also prevent the formation of mould, which can affect worker health and reduce product quality in some cases.

Fowlerex services all of Australia from a main office in Sydney. Talk to the team at Fowlerex today on 02 8850 7611. We will ensure that you get the right industrial ventilation system or industrial fan for your business.