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    Location: Brookton, Australia
    Schedule: Late 2023

    For over thirty years, Balco has been a leading supplier of hay for stockfeed, catering to both the Australian market and exporting primarily to Asian countries. The company has dedicated itself to improving product quality through continuous research, positioning itself at the forefront of agricultural innovation.

    Recently, Balco faced a challenge with its existing cyclone system for dust control during hay processing, which was failing to meet current emission standards. To enhance the work environment and maintain product integrity, there was a pressing need for a more effective dust control solution. Fowlerex stepped in as the main contractor to address this issue, conducting thorough planning and design for required upgrade, tailoring the solution to the specific operational needs of the site.

    The solution provided included the supply and installation of industry-leading fan and  filter system elements integrated with upgraded ducting and hood capture points, tailored to boost dust control efficiency.

    The upgrade of the plant has led to substantial improvements in dust management for Balco. Before-and-after photos highlighting the marked improvement in the work environment, with very positive feedback from staff. This change not only demonstrates Fowlerex's commitment to high-performance solutions but also underscores the success of integrating strategic planning with the latest technology.